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Traditional Chinese Embroidery Fine Artwork Display | Brisbane Chinese Culture and Arts Festival

As part of 2018 Brisbane Chinese Culture and Arts Festival programme, there is a special exhibition of Traditional Chinese Embroidery Fine Artworks in Brisbane City Hall on 3 November between 2pm to 5pm. All displayed artworks are created by Master Artist Ms Jenny Gao, who came from Qingdao China.

The display includes some Jenny's best artworks, particularly the one, Chinese in Australia, a long scroll in 8.8 metres length with a total 360 characters. It took Jenny over one and a half years to complete this brilliant artwork in early October 2018. A good news for you is, on the Festival day, Jenny will do a live demonstration on site to show the people her marvellous embroidery art techniques!

In addition to this fabulous experience, you can also enjoy colourful ethnic minority costumes, beautiful photographic pictures and Tea Art ceremony at the Festival daytime events between 2pm to 5pm, all free. Also at the Festival evening programme, there will be a fantastic music and dance show in City Hall, the Dream of Shangri-La for you to share.

Bring your family, visit Brisbane Chinese Culture and Arts Festival in Brisbane City Hall, the event cannot be missed.

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