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Embroidery is a delicate art and craftsmanship with needles as the stroke and threads as the ink. It is the reflection of the artist’s sentiment. Inspirations of an embroidery artwork are realised with every sewing and threading by the guidance of the artist’s slender hand, fertilising her spirit with the advancement of time. Learning the art of embroidery is not limited by age or gender; it is easy to pick up even without any artistic skills or backgrounds. By learning to embroider, the youth can master a skill full of culture and tradition, enhancing their aesthetic taste and vision, while the elderly can enrich their lives and self-cultivation.

Our institution adopts a theory-based, practical-emphasised teaching philosophy. The students are expected to achieve an elementary or intermediate level of embroidery skill upon completion of the course.

Course Structure

The elementary class will be studying two pieces during a total of 10 lessons.


Piece one: Twill Damask Embroidery with Gold Thread

  • Completed in the span of 5 lessons

  • Elementary skills of sewing

  • Embroidery fundamentals

  • Familiarisation of practical needlework


Piece two: Plain Stitch/Flat Stitch Embroidery

  • Completed in the span of 5 lessons

  • Colour matching and assigning techniques

  • Inserting Stitch and Rolling Stitch techniques

  • Focused training of needlework according to 8 criteria: flatness, alignment, thinness, multiplicity, uniformity, smoothness, harmoniousness, and brightness.


Course Fee

  • $50/Lesson. Each lesson is 2 hours 30 minutes long. Students are to pay for five lessons upfront.

  • Students’ artwork belong to the students themselves. The course fee includes costs for gold and silver threads, silk threads, professional embroidering needles, scissors and silk cloths.

  • The embroidery stand and chair necessary for the artworks are free to use for current students. If unable to finish the artwork by the end of the course, the student can choose to continue the course with another upfront payment or to complete the artwork on his/her own after proper instructions.

The course is designed for beginners, with course materials suitable for all ages. Embroidery brings spiritual satisfaction and a colourful life experience. Let us pick up the needles, and seek peacefulness within.

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Did You Know?

The colours of the thread in Chinese embroidery can be more than 2,000 kinds.

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