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As one of the oldest extant needlework, Chinese embroidery has a history dating back 2000 years. It is well-known for its refinement, clearly demarcated lines, elegant colours, variety of stitches and consummate artistry. 

It is the fruit of the wisdom and intelligence of the successive generations of embroidery artists. From the magnificent Dragon Robe worn by Emperors in ancient China to the popular embroidery seen in today’s fashions, Chinese embroidery art adds so much pleasure to our life and culture. 

A hundred of kids in different postures

Ancient Chinese Coat

Double sided embroidery screen

The value of embroidery art

The value of embroidery art is for the pure handcraft. It is tightly stitched with a thin needle and very fine silk thread that cannot be done by the machine embroideries. 
A fine piece of embroidery art takes 6 months to 1 year, even a couple of years, for an experienced artists to finish.


It’s not just about the techniques that embroiderer’s stitching must be meticulously skilful, also about the use of colour theme and the level of delicateness. 


A fine art reflects the embroidery artists’ personal lifestyle, artistic cultivation and cultural connotation. Through their ingenious hands, the artists reproduce the original painting with multi-coloured skills. 

About ‘Xiu Zhen Ge’ 

Located in Brisbane South, ‘Xiu Zhen Ge’ is the art centre and traning institution of Chinese Embroidery. With the top collections of Jenny Gao’s artworks, the gallery holds regular exhibitions that have been critically acclaimed by many specialists and the local community. Embroidery tutorial lessons are available for different levels and categories.  You can also visit our online store of embroidery items.

Did You Know?

The colours of the thread in Chinese embroidery can be more than 2,000 kinds.

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